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California Raises Fast Food Minimum Wage to $20


Cooks, cashiers, and other fast-food employees in California are now entitled to earn a minimum wage of $20 per hour. The state-mandated wage increase took effect in April 2024, overriding the state’s minimum wage of $16 per hour for all employees working in the fast-food industry.

The new wage law primarily targets large fast-food chains the likes of McDonalds, Starbucks, Chipotle, and other companies with at least 60 locations nationwide. This means that employees of certain regional chains and smaller businesses may not benefit from the statutory wage increase.

You Have a Right to Earn the Correct Minimum Wage

If you qualify for a wage increase, you have a right to earn the new rate for fast-food workers of $20 per hour. It doesn’t matter if you work for an establishment operated by the parent company or a franchisee; if your employer has more than 60 locations nationwide, you are entitled to earn the new rate as of April 1, 2024.

If your employer has unfairly compensated you or continues to do so, you may be entitled to collect back pay for wages you should have received. If your employer refuses to render such payment, it may be necessary to initiate legal action to fight for it. An experienced employment lawyer can help you fight for all compensation you are qualified to receive in a wage-and-hour dispute.

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