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K2 Employment Law is committed to providing clients with a high level of representation and service. We understand that employment law issues can be incredibly stressful for everyday individuals, which is why we offer compassionate, personalized guidance and one-on-one legal counsel. Our approach, both to client service and yielding results, has helped us garner a number of positive client reviews. Browse K2 Employment Law reviews here or contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.

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  • I feel more confident in knowing my attorneys are knowledgeable and responsive to all my questions.
    Thank you Doug and Matt! Overall the experience was great! Your help in handling my case was amazing. I feel more confident in knowing my attorneys are knowledgeable and responsive to all my questions... thank you.

    - Brenda T.

  • Thanks for the hard work K2.
    After calling around other firms I decided to go with K2, I read the website and after speaking with the attorney I was reassured about my case. They handled my case quickly. I'm very content. Thanks for the hard work K2.

    - Arlene O.

  • Thanks, Doug and matt.
    I was wrongfully terminated, I didn't know my options.. until I called K2, had my free consultation Attorneys assisted me right away. Glad I made that call. My issues were handled and now I'm awaiting my settlement. Thanks, Doug and matt.

    - Nishanth K.

  • Appreciate their professionalism.
    Had a very good experience for one of my family members. Appreciate their professionalism.

    - Reddy M.

  • Recommend these attorneys!
    Great firm I got the results I wanted. Amazingly in such little time, attorneys are great! Recommend these attorneys!

    - Arly M.

  • He helped me get what I deserved and I am forever grateful for what all of you have done for me.
    I highly recommend this firm. I was off work a long time on injury and for a few years my employer was giving me the runaround and was giving excuses on why they hadn't brought me back. I got tired of it and reached out to Doug and he was so incredible and helpful. He helped me get what I deserved and I am forever grateful for what all of you have done for me. Thanks again!

    - Josh B.

  • Awesome service
    I would like to take the time to thank all that has helped me in my situation, I found Lawyers of Employee and consumer service. With my particular situation the staff that I encountered with was very understanding and very knowledgeable in my situation. In my situation I received fast results & outstanding communication from start to finish. Hopefully I won't need your services but I truly recommend for anyone that feels their rights as an employee was possibly violated. Thank you again. LECS.

    - Kuokoa Monay De Leon

    Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Capable of Rising to Any Challenge

    After spending a great deal of time researching attorneys, I decided to call K2 Employment Law to discuss my ongoing hostile employment atmosphere. K2 immediately set me up for a consultation with Doug Hoang (one of the attorneys at K2), and it was quickly apparent that I was in good hands. Upon speaking with Doug, the fears concerning my legal situation began to melt away. Doug expressed a sincerely honest interest in my case. Unlike many attorneys, he was not solely in this for the money. He could sense that I had been hurt, and he wanted justice for me.

    With impressive speed, Doug was able to identify the critical legal issues involved in my case. He was also able to rapidly develop a winning strategy. While he was confident in this strategy, Doug made it clear that he would not hesitate to reformulate his strategy should any significant new developments occur in the case. In other words, Doug knew what he was doing from the start and also knew how to quickly adapt to any changes throughout the lawsuit. This made me feel quite confident that I was hiring an attorney capable of rising to any challenge thrown his way.

    Sure enough, Doug proved himself to be an intelligent and quick-thinking attorney throughout my entire case. My litigation opponents initially engaged in legal puffery and threatened that I would be facing a lengthy battle that I would ultimately lose. However, there was an immediate change in their tone after they interacted with Doug. My opponents quickly backed down, and Doug was able to obtain a brilliant result. I was exceptionally pleased with K2’s work on my case, and I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending K2 to other people in need of legal assistance.

    - Sara L.

  • Experts at Navigating All of the Intricate Issues

    I had a truly excellent experience with K2 Employment Law. I needed to find an attorney when I was fired from my job after I complained about inappropriate sexual conduct from my superiors. A dear friend of mine suggested that I contact K2. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. While I consider myself to be an intelligent person, I found the legal world to be difficult to understand. K2’s attorneys were experts at navigating all of the intricate issues involved in my case. Their confident guidance ensured that I never felt overwhelmed by the legal process. K2 kept me informed of all the developments in my case and I never felt lost or forgotten.

    K2’s lawyers had the perfect mix of kindness and toughness. No matter what issues occurred throughout my case, K2 rose to the occasion and were not the least bit intimidated by complex legal matters. At the start of my case I expected to be stressed out during the entire lawsuit. However, after retaining K2, my mind was put at ease because I knew that I had fearless attorneys in my corner. I could easily tell that they were heavily invested in obtaining a favorable outcome for me. To my absolute delight, it turned out that the result of my case was beyond favorable. It was fantastic. I will remain eternally grateful to K2 for being wonderful people and top-notch professionals who never stopped fighting for me.

    - Judith T.

  • Blown Away by How They Handled My Case

    After several years of being a devoted employee to my company, I became sick and needed some time to recover. Rather than show me support, my employer decided to fire me. It was an extremely harsh decision that left me in tatters. After many sleepless nights and a dwindling bank account, I began to feel that all hope was lost. Everything changed when I took the advice of my friend and called the attorneys at K2 Employment Law. I was blown away by how they handled my case. They not only acted like attorneys, but they also acted like therapists to calm me down and assure me that K2 would be there for me every step of the way. The K2 attorneys (Doug and Matt) were always available for me and patiently answered every single one of my questions.

    As I observed Doug and Matt put forth a herculean effort throughout the course of my legal drama, it soon became obvious that I had hired the perfect attorneys for my case. They both possessed a deep knowledge of the law, and they both treated me like a family member during a very difficult time in my life. If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney, I would strongly recommend calling K2 Employment Law. Rest assured that you will be represented by the finest attorneys I know.

    - Jennifer R.

  • Safe & Highly Capable Hands of Knowledgeable Attorneys

    I felt compelled to write this testimonial for two main reasons. First, K2 Employment is a fantastic law firm with incredible attorneys who possess a wealth of knowledge concerning employment law. Second, I wanted to make the public aware of a dirty little secret in the legal world that I discovered. When initially searching to retain a law firm, a prospective client almost always meets with the most experienced attorney at the firm (“the big shot”). This experienced attorney will promise the client the world and make the client believe that this particular attorney will be the lawyer handling the client’s case throughout the litigation. In the vast majority of cases, this is simply false.

    After the client signs an agreement to hire the firm, the client is unlikely to interact with the experienced attorney ever again. What the client doesn’t know is that the experienced attorney will almost certainly hand off the client’s file to a very inexperienced attorney. After being led to believe that the highly experienced attorney will be in charge of the case, it is actually the inexperienced attorney who will handle nearly every aspect of the case (and likely make countless mistakes). It is a classic bait and switch. It happened to me when I first retained a firm, and I was absolutely furious to make this discovery. After dropping my old firm and calling several new firms, I was able to connect to K2. Each attorney at K2 has more than a decade of legal experience. Thus, if you choose to retain K2, you are guaranteed to have an attorney who knows exactly what he is doing. My experience with K2 has been like night and day from the previous firm. Instead of dealing with an insecure attorney straight out of law school, I was consistently in the safe and highly capable hands of the knowledgeable attorneys at K2. If you’re in need of legal help, call them immediately. Nobody enjoys dealing with difficult legal matters, but K2 is the absolute best at helping you through these difficult times.

    - Richard G.

  • Moral Code, Fearlessness & Work Ethic

    Choosing a lawyer is a very difficult process. Many horror stories exist about attorneys (we’ve all heard the jokes!), so I was highly stressed when it came time to decide on a lawyer to handle my wrongful termination case. Prior to calling K2 Employment, I spoke to some other lawyers about my case, but I had a bad gut feeling about them. They were not necessarily mean to me, but I’m a very intuitive person, and I just didn’t feel that they truly cared about my predicament. Everything changed when I called K2. Matt Kramer, an attorney at K2, picked up my call. There was no being placed on hold or waiting an eternity to speak to an attorney. After a very pleasant introduction, Matt asked me about my case, listened to all of my concerns, and answered all of my questions. I never had the feeling that he was trying to rush me off the phone. Once Matt had heard my story, he patiently walked me through the anticipated next steps of the case. He made sure that I felt comfortable to call or email him whenever I had a question about my case. During our initial conversation, Matt mentioned that the most fulfilling part of his job is fighting for a successful outcome for his clients.

    My particular case turned out better than I ever could have imagined. I was up against one of the biggest and most notorious law firms in Los Angeles. Despite their many questionable tactics and borderline illegal maneuvers, Matt never blinked an eye. He anticipated their every move and never backed down. My experience made it crystal clear that Matt’s moral code, fearlessness, work ethic, and affinity for his clients make him a formidable attorney that his opponents fear and his clients adore. I simply cannot thank him enough for his valiant effort on my case.

    - Amanda B.