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Case Results

  • A Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Missed Overtime, Meal and Rest Period Violations

    Wage and Hour Class Action involving over 400 class members over claims of missed overtime, meal and rest period violations resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement approved by the Court.

  • Resolved Confidentially to Employee Satisfaction Wrongful Termination Claim by Store Worker Against Major Grocery Chain

    Wrongful Termination claim by store worker against major grocery chain for complaints about wage and hour violations resulting in the parties resolved the lawsuit confidentially to the employee's satisfaction.

  • Mid Six-Figure Settlement Prior to Arbitration Disability Discrimination and Failure to Accommodate

    Disability Discrimination and Failure to Accommodate claims of an office worker against a multi-dealer car dealership resulting in a mid six-figure settlement prior to arbitration.

  • Employee Received High Five Figure Settlement Sexual Harassment Claims Against a Franchise

    Sexual Harassment claims against a franchise of a national fast food chain resulting in employee receiving a high five-figure settlement.

  • Employees Received a Mid Six-Figure Settlement Misclassification of Alleged Managers

    Wage and Hour Class Action for misclassification of alleged managers for a hospitality company resulting in the parties resolving the matter at mediation and employees received a mid six-figure settlement.

  • $1 Million+ Class Action Settlement Unlawful Deductions to Commissions
    Private Attorneys General Act claim for penalties and class action against a retailer based on unlawful deductions to commissions resulting in a court-approved $1 million+ class action settlement.
  • Confidential Settlement Employee Satisfaction Age Discrimination & Retaliation Claims Based on Unlawful Termination
    Age Discrimination and Retaliation claims against a manufacturer based on an unlawful termination resulting in a confidential settlement to employee's satisfaction.