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Minimum Wage in Los Angeles Rises on July 1


The minimum wage in Los Angeles will rise to $16.04 per hour on July 1 for covered employees. Covered employees are those who are classified as non-exempt employees and work at least two hours a week. This includes all qualified full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal employees.

The current minimum wage in the City of Los Angeles is $15 per hour, which means covered employees should see a $1.04 per hour raise in their pay beginning next month. Some employees, however, should be earning a higher minimum wage, such as hotel workers at establishments with more than 150 rooms. At these workplaces, a higher minimum wage of $18.17 per hour will take effect.

The City of Los Angeles’ new minimum wage for most covered employees is greater than the state of California’s, which is squarely set at $15 per hour for most employees. Los

The following cities and municipalities bordering the City of Los Angeles will also see a rise in their minimum wages:

  • Long Beach – $16.73 per hour for hotel workers; $16.55 for concessionaire workers
  • Los Angeles County – $15.96 per hour
  • Malibu – $15.96 per hour
  • Pasadena – $16.11 per hour
  • Santa Monica – $15.96 per hour
  • West Hollywood – $16.50 per hour for employers with 50+ employees; $16 per hour for employers with fewer than 50 employees; $18.35 per hour for hotel workers

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