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Worker Protections Temporarily Expended During COVID-19 Pandemic


As a novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China has swept across the world, the way people work and live their lives has come to a grinding halt. This is no less true for the United States, where major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York have ordered “non-essential” businesses to shutter to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19.

In a growing number of cases, measures are being ramped up to order citizens to stay in their homes unless they need to make essential trips for food, medical care, and other necessary business. Not every job can be worked from home, and this is no less true for workers employed by dine-in restaurants, entertainment venues, and other businesses deemed non-essential by the government.

As a consequence, unemployment claims have surged and are expected to have a profound impact on the U.S. economy. In an effort to stem the tide of the collateral impact the virus is having on workers, the federal government took steps this week to shield them some of the immediate blows the virus may have on their jobs and livelihoods.

President Donald Trump signed on March 18 a congressional bill that affords U.S. workers various news protections to combat the collateral effects of the virus. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act takes advantage of billions of dollars freed up by President Donald Trump’s March 13 proclamation that declared a national state of emergency by providing initial aid for American employees.

The Families First Corona Virus Response Act helps workers by ensuring:

  • Paid sick leave
  • Free testing for COVID-19
  • Expansion of unemployment insurance qualifications
  • Expansion of qualifications and funding for federal food aid
  • Expansion of Medicaid funding

These protections may only be a start. The White House has been seriously considering a stimulus plan to provide American adults with a $1,000 each to help them make ends meet, and further action would be likely if the pandemic worsens.

K2 Employment Law Group: Defending Your Rights

A national state of emergency doesn’t mean you lose your rights as an employee. If your employer is breaking the law in response to the COVID-19 outbreak or is failing to adapt to new government mandates, reach out to K2 Employment Law Group for help.

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A lot of things can feel strange or unusual during a state of national emergency, but that may not be a good enough excuse for why your employer mistreated you at work. To fight for what you deserve and to assert your rights, reach out to K2 Employment Law Group for help.

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